Thursday, September 12

Staying in Love ~ Part 2

For Part 1, click here.

We've already discussed just Whom we're to be falling in love with.
And as everyone knows, the "honeymoon" phase is wonderful.
But it doesn't last forever.
That's because the "honeymoon" phase is fueled primarily by feelings.
But love isn't just a feeling.
(I'm not going to tell you love isn't a feeling, because I'm 99% sure there are chemical reactions for 'love', making it basically a feeling. I'm fairly certain hormones play a pretty big part, too.)
True love is a commitment.
God's committed to us.
How committed to Him are we?
Would you go a day without talking to someone you love? Or even someone you like, for that matter?
If they wrote you letters, wouldn't you read them? Several times? Become so familiar with them that you knew the words by heart?
Well . . . we have that.
It's hard for us - being humans - to grasp having a relationship with someone we can't physically see or hear.
I'll admit that wholeheartedly.
But it can be done.
I'm sure you know people who have a great relationship with God and, like me, you're kinda jealous of them.
We can have that, too.
We just need to talk to Him.
We just need to read His love letters, as well as His letters of instruction.
We need to realize that a relationship takes two.
God's ready and willing.
How willing are you to stay in love?