Wednesday, December 25

A Pinteresting Tumbl of a Day ~ Christmas Edition!

This episode was so sad, but this little bit here made up for it.
(And don't worry, this is queued -- I'm probably not awake yet anyway.)
Merry Christmas!

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Friday, December 20

An Announcement!

You know how they always say that New Year's is the best time to start fresh?
They're right.


The Enchanted Owl will become Beautiful Eccentricity on January first!

I promise it'll be the same blog, just at a new address, and a new background and design, and a new . . . everything . . . but totally the same blog.

That said, followers, likes, and all of that will be completely reset, so in a way, I'll literally be starting from scratch.

So yes.

Monday, December 16

Just a bit on Christmas

I've written before about Christmas.
About songs that annoy me and some present mishaps.
But past all the tinsel that's actually pretty easy to clean up, there's something else.
Why do we buy gifts for people?
To prove we love them?
Because it's socially demanded?
In hopes that they bought you something at least as cool / useful / expensive as you bought them?
Or because we really want to give them a gift as God gave us a gift on Christmas?

There are people who are having skinny Christmases this year.
There are people giving gifts of meals, partial tuition, car repairs, and new clothes for work or school this year.
There are people who literally have nothing to give to the ones who mean the most to them.
But we can all give something.
This thing isn't material.
It costs you nothing, so it fits any budget.
And it won't be forgotten by New Year's Day.

Give the gift God gave us.

Give the gift of sacrificial love.
(And I'm not just preaching at you, I'm talking about me, too.)

Love the people who love you.
Love the people who annoy you to death.
Love the people who make your life more difficult.
Love the people who are a bit prickly.
Love the people close to you, because you see them every day.
Love the people you'll probably only see once, because it means more than you might know.
Love the people who think they are unlovable.

We certainly were.

"While we were still sinners, Christ died for us."
Romans 5:8b

Saturday, December 7

The Finals are Coming

Here it is.
The week all students dread:

It's that week in the semester when BOOM everyone shows up again and you're just sitting in class like "I thought everyone had dropped this class".
It's that time when everyone - students and professors alike - are just so tired that everything is funny. Not seems funny. Is funny.
For example, one of my classmates was tossing an object into the air and catching it during one of our classes. Wasn't bothering anyone. Suddenly our professor turns around and does a double take.
"Is that a hard boiled egg?"
My friend and I started laughing hysterically as our classmate just stared at him.
"No. . . "
"What is that?"
"It's lip balm. . ."
"Oh okay."
"Do you have something against hard hard boiled eggs?"
"I really do not like hard boiled eggs."
"Okay. . ."
Our class was not the same that day.

And here is a haiku about finals:
I can't remember
I learned this four months ago
No no no no no

This is not an overreaction.
Trust me, it is not.

Wednesday, December 4

A Pinteresting Tumbl of a Day

If Bud had black fur and we had grass this tall . . . well, that'd be him.
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