Wednesday, January 9

{at} and {dot}

This is a rant.
I'm sorry.
This is not meant to pick on anyone who does this, either; I promise.
Ever see those people who put their addresses like this?
dorkyaddressimadewheniwas9 {at} whatevsmail {dot} com
Um . . . 
It's 2013 . . . I think people know what an email address is formatted like. . .
It's kinda like the messages people put on their answering machines. 
Not the cute and funny ones like "Have a blessed day" or "I'm likely babysitting", but the actual instructions
We know to leave a message and not a cake recipe, thank you. . .
I dunno. . .
Sometimes stuff like this just makes me laugh.
And sometimes it peeves me. 
I mean, if you want someone to email you, make a form or link it. 
Don't write it in hieroglyphics.
Because hieroglyphs are hard.