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Dorm Bedding and Decor – Beautify Your Dorm Room

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Are you planning to change your dorm room looks for this New Year? Here are the simple ways to transfer your old, cold and drab dormitory into the latest dorm room. To make your dorm room accessible and comfortable, use fundamentals such as wastebaskets, towels, bedding, personal grooming products, clothes, poster putty, wrapping paper, colourful bed spread, posters, organizational bins and standing lamps. You can start decorating items like curtains, bed, lighting, and plants. 

Rearrange the old furniture to make the best layout to bring a difference.  When you start rearranging furniture you will get new ideas which make whole lot of difference. When you start purchasing new furniture for dorm room, opt for multifunctional items. You can use your credit card to purchase any furnishing item. Make sure you are getting credit card along with payment protection insurance. If you are ill or out of job, you can apply for PPI claims. For example futon can be used as a bed in the night times; you can use it as a sofa in the morning times.  

Cubed bookcase can be used to store kitchen essentials apart from books, even it can be used as a room divider. Multifunctional furniture can save lot of space in your dormitory.  Select the dorm room beds that have the capacity of lofting to accommodate more space below the bunk for lounging, studying and storage.  You can bring life to dorm room by applying attractive colours.  Select the colour which coordinates with your interest. You can bring warmness to cold floors with custom rugs, select the rug that fits the space perfectly.  Add liveliness to walls by trendy and stylish artwork which has inspiring creativity and vibrancy.  

You can select different types of colourful and gorgeous one-of-a-kind art works from market with an affordable price.  Hide dorm floors with decorative carpet squares, rugs and bound carpets to bring the warmth and eye-catching focal point. Choose roughly textured fabrics for headboards and beddings. 

Even you can hang inspiration board where you can post things that can make you happy and inspire you such as a quote, a recipe, a magazine cut-out or a picture of family. Inspiration board gives boost to your life to move forward with positive attitude. Decorate dorm room walls with attractive decals. Decals are easy to remove from the walls, whenever you want to add new styles to your dorm room.  Decals add instant charm to already decorated walls with their liveliness.  Use multipurpose furnishings like poufs which are easy to move around.  You can use poufs as ottoman furniture and as coffee tables. Paste attractive decals, pictures, messages to tedious dorm room walls. Use giant wall posters to cover bland walls.

Imagine the giant wall covering the entire plane beige dorm walls. To make space in the dorm room use cubed book space as a divider. If you want additional closet space, you can use clothes rack if armoire is not enough to store your belongings. You can store unwanted items underneath the bed, if you can make space there.  Make use of long storage containers to hold clothes, linens, shoes and other items.  

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