Tuesday, October 5



First, thanks for taking the time to read this! =D This is just a blog for kicks, so (most likely) nothing of utter, incredible, and otherwise earth-shattering importance will crop up here. However, random things WILL appear sporadically (that's just how my mind works. Bear with me.) ;]

It's about quarter to eleven, and it's taken this long to wind down from classes today. >yawn< Sorry, how rude of me. Anyhow, just a little bio here, I'm an English major at USCB. Freshman year. Enough said, ja? (Oh, yes, I forgot to mention that I may randomly lapse into German. I'll try not to.) =]

So, um, yes, this is the blog! I'll rummage around my computer and see if I can find some short story I wrote that's not too hokey . . . And if I find one, you get to read it! Ha-HA! ^_^