Wednesday, January 2

My (Mis)Adventure in the Realm of Cuisine - Part II

Y'all thought I would only have one (Mis)Adventure?
And here's the whammy - this one's a twofer.
So, me and my mom tried to make Peasant Bread.
It's supposed to rise, be punched down and separated, then rise again.
Well, the second time, it didn't rise. Like, at all.
We were stumped. 
It tasted perfectly fine, but it looked funny.
Remember that - it's important later.
So, the day after that, we tried making Amish Country Bread.
Pretty similar, all things considered.
So I was measuring and combining things when I realized we didn't have enough salt in one container. I asked my mom to get another one down since my hands were full. She asked how much I needed, and I said three tablespoons. She kinda made a face and was like "That's a lot" and she looked at the recipe.
All the measurements but one had a "t" or a "T" with them, so I thought they were all tablespoons. 
I learned to cook thinking "T" was tablespoon, and "tsp" was teaspoon.
My mom started laughing.
"Sissy," quoth she, "you know, you're a smart cookie . . . But sometimes you're really clueless."
(And she's right.)
Apparently, "T" can stand for tablespoon, and "t" can stand for teaspoon.
I assumed it was poor internet grammar.
And the thing is, I was measuring them all out with a tablespoon and since I needed three teaspoons of it, that would've been one tablespoon.
Well, we remembered that right after we poured it back.
And while we were measuring, we decided to make sure one packet of yeast was two tablespoons, as we assumed it had been the day before.
Alas, it was not.
Therefore, the bread the day before had not risen a second time because there was only enough oomf for once. 
This is me in the kitchen.
But everything still tastes good, so really.