Tuesday, January 1

Be Still and Know

Psalm 46:10
"Be still and know that I am God. . ."

Sunday, one of the songs we sang in church had to do with trusting God and being still in His presence. 
Monday, a dear family at our church buried their three month old daughter. One of the songs at the funeral was about being still and worshiping God. 
The funeral shook me up quite a bit, and afterwards I went for a drive, just to think and pray alone. 
I ended up at a beach, just staring at the waves. 
And that's when I realized (again) what being still with God really is.
You know when you're with that friend and you don't need to say anything to fill in the silence because it's a comfortable one? I think that's what being still is. It's sort of like a lull in the conversation, where you've poured out your heart, and you're just waiting on Him to speak to you.
It's really nice. And very comforting. 
And it isn't something you only do when things are hard.
It's something we should be doing all the time. 
It's hard. I know it is. There are so many distractions, from school, work, friends, obligations, technology (hey, I admit this freely, and I love my gadgets).
But God gave us the time we have . . . shouldn't we "spare" some for Him . . . ?