Friday, March 29

It is Friday!

So, I wanted to write a snarky, witty post about it being Friday, but I've come up with nothing. 
I also wanted to write a beautiful, moving post about it being Good Friday, but I've got nothing there, too.
I guess the best way to tell it would just to tell it as it is.
God created Man knowing full well we'd fall and spit in His face.
Yet He still loved us.
He spent millenia pointing forwards to One who would offer to free us from death and love us as no one else could.
And we didn't listen.
Yet He still loved us.
He sent His Son, who willingly lived on earth with few of our comforts.
We didn't accept Him.
Yet He still loved us.
We stripped Him naked, nailed Him to a cross, and caused His heart to break.
(It really did burst.)
We had no compassion for the Man who spoke of love, who fed the hungry, who healed the sick.
We laughed at Him and mocked Him and cursed Him.
Yet He still loved us.
Yet He asked that His Father would forgive us.
He died for us.
But that really does us no good if death can defeat Him.
But it didn't. 
He rose from the dead on the third day, defeating death for everyone.
And He loves you.
Some people say they're not worthy of His love.
No, you're not.
But His love is no credit to you; it's a testimony to Him.
Others think they don't need His love and grace.
You do.
It doesn't matter who you are, where you've come from, what you've done.
Even if the worst thing you've ever done is tell a little white lie, you still need His forgiveness.
If you're a murderer, you still need His forgiveness.
And this week there's been all the discussion about homosexuality.
Yes, it's wrong.
God calls it an abomination because it twists and distorts the physical love he created for a man and his wife - a picture of His love and sacrifice and relationship with the church.
But God doesn't hate you.
He doesn't at all.
He loves you.
He wants you to know Him.
He wants to forgive you.
He wants to love you.
Let Him.