Wednesday, March 27

I’m Short

I’m short.
I used to want to be tall, but I’ve heard from tall people that it's not that great being tall. 
For instance, jeans just aren't long enough.
. . . Ummm, well then, you can have my problem: even the petite short jeans are about 3-4 inches too long. 
I remember a few years ago I bought a pair of jeans and I went to get them taken up by this Japanese lady who does alterations down the street. I went into her store and stood on the box and she starts laughing at me when she rolled up the ends. 
She's all "Oh you so cute and so short not tall at all" and I'm all "But I'm taller than you!"
It was pretty funny.
But yeah, being tall may be no walk in the park, but being short isn't too awesome either.