Monday, March 25

I Made a Thing / Mondays

So yesterday, I made a thing:
. . . I have no idea what led to that.
EDIT: Now I do.
My laptop left-click button is broken, so I had to use my mouse, but I had taken the USB receiver out the day before because I needed both USB ports for something and I had to go get it but I kept forgetting what I was looking for and came back with other things that needed to be done until I remembered I couldn't do much of it without the mouse and I just wanted to be able to open up a wormhole to my dresser and have it  ploop right into my hand. 
Think Portal. 

Also, it is Monday.
A friend of mine posts this every Monday on Facebook, and if she doesn't, another friend reminds her to. So now I'm posting it in case she forgets.
Our response to this Monday?