Friday, August 10

(Failed?) Attempts at Philosophy: Exile

I don't know how I got to thinking about this, but exile is a pretty stupid idea, isn't it?
Say somebody murders (not kills like in self-defense, but actually murders) somebody else.
Pick your method: poisoning, shooting, stabbing, strangulation, what have you -- the victim's dead either way.
So, the government is essentially saying this:
We should kill you because you killed someone else, but we're not going to kill you.
We're going to kick you out of our country, so now you're somebody else's problem.
But if you ever come back, we're going to kill you.
. . . Um . . . isn't that what you should have done in the first place?
Anyhoo . . . I guess this is what happens when you watch and listen to a lot of political stuff and have no school work to preoccupy your brain . . .