Sunday, December 30

New Year's Giveaway!

Hey peeps! 
So, 2012 is about to end, and I thought "What better way to welcome the New Year than with a giveaway?"
I mean, the Mayans were wrong, and we've got another year to live and grow - how awesome is that?!
So, here's the delio: these delightful ladies have offered prizes that everyone would love.
Here's your end of the bargain - to enter, you must follow ALL of the required links, which will be indicated plainly.
That's pretty simple, right?
So go ahead and enter and broadcast the news!

Happy New Year!

Le Contributors:

Sarah M. 
Required: Blog and Shop
Requested: Google+ and Pinterest

Kate B.
Required: Facebook and Bloglovin'
Requested: Twitter and Pinterest

Required: Pinterest and Twitter

Required: Facebook and Instagram
Requested: Twitter, Pinterest, and Bloglovin'

Sara R. 
Required: Bloglovin'
Requested: Pinterest

Alyse B.
Required: Blog and Twitter
Requested: Pinterest, Facebook, and Google+

Updated 12/30/12:

Thaleia M.
Something 2 Offer
Required: Blog and Facebook
Requested: Google+Pinterest, and Twitter

An Unstyled Life
Required: Blog and Twitter
Requested: Facebook, Pinterest, and Bloglovin'

Updated 1/1/2013

All Glorious Within
Required: Facebook and Twitter
Requested: Etsy, Storenvy, and Pinterest

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