Wednesday, July 25

My (Mis)Adventure in the Realm of Cuisine

This summer, my mom, sister, and brother went on a mission trip to Ukraine.
That left me and my dad home alone.
Um, no, really, it wasn't exactly like that.
The two main issues were laundry - which I can do - and cooking, which I can also do.
Here's the problem with cooking, though:
I really like food.
Japanese food . . .
Mexican food . . .
American food . . .
Italian food . . .
You name it, chances are I might like it.
We had tacos some nights. Went fine.
We had stir-fry. Perfect.
We had spaghetti with alfredo dipping sauce like Olive Garden's . . . Um . . . PROBLEM.
Unfortunately, I didn't realize my error in its entirety until about . . . oh, I don't know, four days ago.
So, soon after they left, I started looking for recipes online.
That's dangerous, just sayin'.
I looked in my mom's bookmarks first, and I saw she had bookmarked Olive Garden's recipe for their alfredo sauce.
I was shocked.
Why had she never made this before; we love their alfredo sauce!
I decided to rectify this "wrong" and set out to make it.
My dad and I thought it turned out pretty good. It was, well, white, and Olive Garden's isn't, but I figured they probably used butter in the restaurant version, even though there was none called for in the recipe I saw.
It tasted almost exactly the same, though, so we just forgot about it.
A few days ago, we went to Olive Garden and me and my mom inspected the dipping sauce.
Then she asked me a question.
"Did you use egg whites or egg yolks?"
"Egg whites."
"Em . . . are you sure that's what you were supposed to use?"
"Yeah, I think so. I mean, I printed it out and was looking at it the whole time."
"That's just weird, because usually you use egg yolks in sauces."
We sorta forgot about that . . .
. . . Until a few days later.
My mom was looking for a recipe and chanced upon the alfredo sauce.
"Hey Sis?"
"Um . . . that alfredo sauce?"
"It calls for egg yolks . . ."

. . . Oops . . .
This calls for a second shot!