Tuesday, September 10

Falling in Love ~ Part 1

People say falling in love is easy.
Sometimes it is.
Sometimes it is not.
People say they love God and God loves them - which is true - but I don't think people really understand what that means.
When you realize how much He loves you, it is so much easier to fall deeper in love with the Lover of your Soul.

He is a Father: He carries us when we're weak, He defends the orphans (Hosea, Proverbs).
He is a Friend: He shoulders our burdens, He listens to our cares (Matthew, 1 Peter).
He is a Lover: He woos us to Himself, He keeps us secure (Hosea, John).
He is a Judge: He is holy, He rules justly (Psalms).
He is a Redeemer: He justly forgives those He saves, He desires to save all (1 John, 2 Peter).

Do you see?
There is no one like this.
Even though we may know some people who have some of these general qualities in degrees, only God is all of them.
And He loves you.
And who could pass that up?
One Who loves you and sees past your mistakes, past your failures, and past your flaws.
One Who loves you and wants to heal your scars, provide for you, and shape you into a purer you.
I can't.
I've fallen in love.
Have you?