Thursday, September 5

When "Short" isn't Short Enough

This is not a sponsored post.

Old Navy is not one of my favorite stores.
Or at least, it wasn't until I realized they have the best jeans for me.
They've got different jeans for different body shapes, and that's great.
I love those jeans because they fit perfectly.
Except in one way . . .
I'm 5'2".
I guess their "short" jeans are based on somebody who must be the same size, but must be like, 5'6".
There are literally about 3-4 extra inches.
I went there the other day with my mom and sister, and I tried on some jeans that were nearly half-price with the Labor Day sale.
She brought in the size I was about 4 months ago and they were too big! which is awesome . . .
but they were also too long.
She went back for a smaller pair, and I told her that if they had "Hobbit" lengths, that would probably work.
They didn't.
But still.
Also, as a sidenote, I'm too tall to be a Hobbit.
I'm too tall to be a Dwarf.
I'm to short to be a Human.
I'm too short to be an Elf.
Yep, you're lookin' at the cutest Orc there is.
I wonder if they carry Orc-sized jeans. . . ?