Wednesday, September 18

Confessions: I pronounce everything wrong.

This is really embarrassing to admit as an English major and a bookish person in general, but I really do butcher the art of the spoken word.
It's the reason I took Spanish instead of French.
French people should thank me for that, because they would have murdered me.
But I seriously am horrendously bad at pronunciation. 
Point en case:
Friend of mine lost her school ID a few months ago, and our decals expire every year.
She got her ID, but then couldn't get a decal for a while, because they moved the office or whatnot.
She ended up getting a parking ticket - hey, there are only so many "visitor" spots - and mentioned it to me.
I mentioned to her that someone had said that if you didn't pay it, they wouldn't send you a bill or anything.
Then I said, "I guess it makes sense; I mean, they're not city or munsiple police".
She just stopped and stared at me.
"Alyse. Do you mean municipal?"
"Yeah. . . yeah, that's it."
She looked at me and laughed.
"You know what you are? You're one of those people that read a lot but never say the words out loud."
Yes, that is exactly what I am.
That, and a dummkopf.
And actually, I can pronounce that right.