Friday, September 20

Exit, Pursued by a Bear

I don't know where the stereotype of non-physically active nerds came from, but I really don't think it's true.
For example, I am a nerd.
To an extent.
And I exercise(d).
I mean, I still do, I just haven't in a while for various reasons, among them being shin splints, a cough that won't go away and messes up my pace, and college.
But, as an English major, I don't see why this is.
I mean, one of the greatest physical chase scenes in history was written by Shakespeare:
"Exit, pursued by a bear."
Now, I will be the first to admit that we don't always approach exercise the right way.
Or at least, I don't.
Ever heard of that 10% rule? How you're not supposed to increase your mileage by more than 10% per week?
Well, I basically lived by the 100% rule for about 2 and a half hours once.
5 miles to about 10.5.
Not the brightest thing I've ever done.
But regarding the nerdiness. . .
So I was running down this road that was way longer than I expected it be, and then I realized that it was the longest side of right triangle. The Pythagorean Theorem popped into my mind and I started sorting it out.
As I was running.
As if the cars weren't enough to worry about. . .