Friday, April 19

Youtube Crushes

Okay, these are not legitimate crushes, but oh lawd they is funny.

Ever heard of DJ Flula?
Well, you should watch some of his stuff, because it's hilarious.
He's this German DJ who - when he comes into contact with weird English idioms that he doesn't understand - he gives it his best shot. 
For instance, there's the Rock, Paper, Scissors.
And my personal favorite: the Party Pooper.
(A friend made me watch that in the middle of the university library -- my other friend working at the checkout desk thought I was having a stroke. It's really hard not to laugh, y'all.)
His broken English is adorable and hysterical, and the 'outside opinion' is priceless.

And Olan Rogers.
If you have not heard of him, I pity you.
A friend of mine posts a picture of him every Monday, and when you watch this, you'll see why.
His facial expressions and snarkiness are to die for.
He also talks about the time he took his lady out -- that's pretty awesome, too.

But yeah.
Those are my Youtube crushes.