Wednesday, April 17

Why Pandora is awesome . . . and slightly awkward.

I gotta say, I love Pandora.
It’s free.
It’s got a TON of stuff there.
And it tries to understand what you do and do not like.
Heck, that’s pretty impressive.
But it can be sort of awkward.
For instance, you don’t know what’s going to be played next.
The wild card factor doesn’t really bother me, but if an objectionable song comes on, that’s always the moment a younger sibling or a parent comes into your room to ask you something.
And that’s probably when you’ve hit your skip limit too, so you have to switch stations entirely.
Ahhh, modern technology.
But really, I do love Pandora.
I have entirely too many stations, but oh well.
I really like that they’ve upped the number of songs played per artist – it used to be two per hour. Now I guess it’s like five. That’s always nice.
If I could suggest just one feature, though, it’d be an automatic list builder of songs you’ve given a thumbs up.
old man thumbs up
So much better than taking a picture of the song info. . .

UPDATE: A friend hath introduced me to Slacker Radio.
Slacker Radio keeps track of the songs you've liked, which is very, very, very helpful to people like me who are prone to forget things like their names and trivial things like that.
Only downside is that they don't have as many artists as Pandora has, but I'm content to use both -- Pandora for my more obscure tastes, and Slacker Radio for the more popular ones.