Friday, March 1

Burnt Hair: It's Actually Funnier than It Looks

So, if you've seen this, you know what I'm talking about.
If you haven't, enjoy:
Now, this is the part where I say something snarky about this, but I'm actually not going to.
I will say that having a heated tool in your hair for ten seconds is a rather long time and it's not a good idea, but that's about it.
But I've actually been in her boat before.
A friend - who shall remain nameless for the sweet sake of dignity - was drying my hair once with a  hair dryer and a round brush.
She was doing everything right as far as I can tell.
Suddenly, there was this AWFUL stench, and my first thought was "Oh no, my hair's broken her hair dryer".
She pulled the brush away, and a chunk of hair came with it.
Omigosh it STANK.
She was horrified.
Now, I've gotta say that it was from one of the bottom layers in the back.
I mean, it was really no big deal.
I think she was expecting this:
She got this:
I thought it was hysterical.
Seriously, it was so funny.
I kept telling her it was fine and that no one would be able to tell, but I couldn't get over the fact it had happened. 
I mean, that's the stuff of movies, right?
It couldn't possibly happen in real life, right?
See video above.
Though, I do have to admit . . . that's the second time a round brush has had a part in destroying my hair. . .