Wednesday, February 27

Ugh . . . Morning Classes . . .

I'm sure I've ranted about morning classes before.
And there may be a day when I don't rant about morning classes.
But, in all seriousness, scheduling classes is a bloomin' nightmare.
You've gotta make sure nothing overlaps in time slots.
You've gotta make sure you actually need it.
You've gotta make sure you've got time to do the whole "lunch" thing, which -though seriously underrated - is vital to not passing out in class. From hunger.
And - for USCB students anyhow - you've gotta make sure you're not giving yourself 10 minutes to make a 30 minute trip, as we have two campuses. 
But then there's the 8 AM classes.
Also known as "the room you sit in whilst you wake up mentally".
Unless it's Crossfit aerobics, which will kick your studious tush.
I've taken 8 AM classes before, but only two days a week, so you have the next day to sleep in and recover.
This semester, I've got my first two Monday, Wednesday, and Friday classes.
And all five days . . . I have 8 AM classes.
Because I'm an idiot, that's why.
And you know what the worst of it is?
Waking up three minutes before my alarm goes off.