Monday, February 25

A Duck Day

I know it's unusual for me to do two posts in one day, but it's my blog and
I feel like this has been my motto today:
"Why?" you ask?
Okay, you didn't ask, but I'm anticipating your asking.
Because I just knew it was going to rain today.
And I wore flats.
My feet were SOAKED within an hour.
My jeans were SOAKED six inches on the bottom.
I made sure my umbrella was in the car when I left the house . . . and then forgot it in the car at school.
I ended up sloshing through grass and unavoidable puddles.
I love beaches.
And pools.
And water in general.
But not rain.
Not while I'm not inside.
Because I do care.
And I'm not a duck.
But renaming this "The Daft Duck" might get the point across.
I won't; I rather like this name.
But still. . .