Friday, March 15

Ramblings of a Fangirl: Dumb People in Comics

Y'know, you've just gotta have a certain respect for people in comic books.
No, no, no, I don't mean the main characters; the heroes.
No, I mean the citizens. 
Yeah, them.
The people that can't distinguish between Clark Kent and Superman because of a pair of glasses.
. . . Really, people?
They're the same size.
Have the same hairstyle.
Seem to be nearby a whole lot.
And are never seen in the same room. . .
Granted, not everyone knows Clark that well.
But what about Lois???
She's Clark's reporter buddy and has only been rescued by Superman Lord knows how many times.
You'd think she - the brilliant Daily Planet reporter - would have pieced two and two together.
(On that note, why do we put two and two together? Why not one and one? Anyhoo. . .)
And then there's the people of Gotham.
They have a bit more of an excuse for not recognizing Bruce Wayne as Batman, especially in The Dark Knight, because Bruce you can easily understand. Batman just sounds like, "WGGG RRRR AYYYY?!"
Not exactly conducive to a  fruitful interrogation.
Bruce randomly gets beat up - badly - the same night Batman disappears . . . 
And nobody makes that connection.
And he's a hermit for eight years. Batman is also MIA for eight years.
And nobody makes the connection.
Then Bruce comes out of hiding. Batman also comes out of hiding.
And nobody makes the connection.
. . .
The citizens of Metropolis have zero excuses, but the people of Gotham just might have one. . .
Just how much fear gas did Scarecrow pump into that city sewer?