Monday, November 4

On Medical Conditions. . .

No, I haven't changed my mind and become a nursing major.
I'm still an English major.
Yet this is a unique merging of the two realms.
I don't know if any nurses or doctors have actually seen this, but I have, and it's terrifying enough to me.
And yes, this is sort of a grammar rant.

Alzheimer's Disease
I cannot count how many times I've heard this butchered. I know I have very little to stand on, because I butcher words all the time, but I can say that I've never said this particular word this badly. 
Y'all, it is not "All-timers" Disease.
There is not a T in "Alzheimer's".
There just isn't.
Stop putting it there.

Okay, I saw this on Tumblr, so there's no telling whether the poster was serious or just being funny, but "diabetes" is one word.
Just one.
It's not "die of beaties".
I realize it kind of sounds like that, but it's all together.

Lactose Intolerance
This one really takes the cake.
I'm not even really sure where that phrase comes from, but it's true.
I have seen this on Google searches.
On Facebook.
On Tumblr.
Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
Granted, on Tumblr they all flipped out, but still.
People, this particular disorder where your body does not properly manufacture lactase and milk makes you gassy and nauseous is not "lack toast and tolerant".
I kid you not.
A "lack toast and tolerant" disorder means that you lack charred bread slices and are a very understanding person and for some reason you are not happy about this state of affairs.

But yeah.
This has been a PSA.