Monday, October 7

If you won't learn from your own mistakes. . .

. . . at least learn from someone else's.
Namely, MINE.
Okay, freshmen, listen up: no, you don't want to cram your first two years full of gen-ed classes because you don't want to be slammed with whatever classes are required for your major. 
You'll go crazy.
But don't slack on your gen-eds . . . Like I did.
Namely, I was really good in taking my foreign languages while they were still fresh from high school.
I waited about four years to take my math.
I waited about five years to take my sciences.
Ten out of ten would not recommend!
So if you're one of those stubborn people who doesn't learn from your own mistakes, at least learn from mine.
(Oh yes, and I also have to take speech; ironically after I've given the bulk of my class presentations.)