Thursday, September 26

Women are Funny

Women are really funny.
And not necessarily 'haha' funny - though some are really a riot - I mean funny 'weird'.
I can say this because I'm a woman.
I'm also blonde, so you really can't pin anything on me.
But yeah, women . . . we get attached to everything.
Point en case: my sister watches a ton of  HGTV.
Personally, I don't see the point in watching shows about things I can't afford (which is basically why I don't watch typical TV shows) but every now and then I catch a show or two while she watches it.
Oh. My. Gosh.
It's bloomin' hysterical.
Seems like on that show where they renovate their house and also look at new houses, the women want to stay and the men wanna move out.
Then it sorta comes out that she's emotionally attached to the house and he is totally cool with leaving.
There are a few episodes where it's the other way 'round, but this seems to be the norm.
Because to men, it's generally a house.
To women, it's a home.
The same goes for cars and other things that generally don't seem that important.
For instance: after I totaled my first car in an accident, my parents bought me another one for Christmas.
I loved that car.
But then the time came when it was highly suggested that I sell it.
I really didn't want to.
Not because it was a spectacular example of modern engineering of vehicles, but because I was emotionally attached to it.
It was a gift.
It was a second chance.
I'd also spent a lot of money on maintenance, but that wasn't the first thing to pop into my mind.
It was purely emotional.
It wasn't until I saw another car - that I could almost sort of afford - that the emotional attachment broke.
So I guess I basically cheated on my car.
But men don't tend to be like that.
I guess that's because they're normal.


Or not. . .