Monday, April 29

My (Mis) Adventure in the Realm of Cuisine - Part III

This isn't so much of a misadventure as it is total ignorance. 
Me and my dad went to Olive Garden last night, and somehow I got to thinking about tablespoons and teaspoons. 
Now, why do we have a teaspoon, half a teaspoon, a fourth of a teaspoon, and an eighth of a teaspoon, but only just a tablespoon?
Me and my dad started to discuss that, but we were working on the (erroneous) presumption that one tablespoon equals two teaspoons. 
(My mother has since corrected us; it's three teaspoons to one tablespoon, but that furthers my point.)
Why is there not a half a tablespoon?
I guess that'd be one and a half teaspoons, but really?
And that brought to my mind this: what do Europeans and -- well, pretty much everyone but Americans -- use when they cook?
Do they use cups and tablespoons?
Or is there some Metric equivalent?
. . . Or am I just over analyzing this?