Friday, April 26

Disney's Old School Sass

Can we just have a moment to talk about how sassy some of the classic Disney movies are?

I mean, look at just Sleeping Beauty.
Those fairies got some SNARK!
Although I do find it hilarious that Merryweather doesn't realize it's pink till Flora throws the whole roll over her.
And Merryweather minces no words.
I. Love. That.
And if you don't like Merryweather, we can't be friends.
Sorry not sorry.
"You can't sew! And she's never cooked!!"
And yet she never really comes off as rude, or disrespectful, just . . . young.
They can't really do movies like that anymore.
Still one of my favorite Disney movies ever.
I think this calls for a Disney Princess marathon.
Who's in?