Wednesday, April 24

21 Before 21

So today at 4 AM, I turned 21.
You didn't get up for my birthday?
Oh, it's totes cool; I didn't get up for that, either.
Anyhoo, I've heard of these "[things done] Before [Age of the same numerical value]" things before, and I figured I'd do one for my birthday.
These are in no particular order, save for the first one.

1. met Jesus as my Savior
2. graduated high school
3. published a book
4. been to Mile Zero, where I . . .
5. . . . inadvertently swam with tarpons
6. visited the Statue of Liberty
7. voted in a Presidential election
8. drank pigeon milk (my dad's cologne)
9. performed an amateur amputation 
10. made sushi
11. got a job (and still have the job)
12. got a full ride through college
13. went to the midnight showing of a movie
14. zip-lined
15. whitewater rafted
16. member of two honors societies
17. ran a 5K
18. changed a tire (yes, on the side of the road)
19. melted a plastic container on a stove by accident
20. had a pen-pal in another country
21. been to the Kennedy Space Center

So yeah, Happy Birthday to me! :)
21 certainly makes me no less clumsy . . .
. . . but oh well, nobody saw that.

And this is what I'd like to leave you with:
I know 21 isn't that old in the grand scheme of things, but thinking about it makes me feel kind of old.
I mean, I saw Y2K.
I saw 9/11.
I've seen Mad Cow disease, Avian Bird flu, and Swine flu.
I saw the capture and death of Saddam Hussein and the death of Osama bin Laden.
I've seen the funerals of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.
I've seen the advent of the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.
I've seen the earthquake in Japan and the tsunami in Indonesia.
I've seen a lot, I think.
But this is really all that matters: