Wednesday, May 1

Learning to Let Go

Normally, this is the time of year people are flooded with "OMg its like finalzzz peeps so scared lol" posts.
And this is sort of one of them, but not really.
I'm not really worried about finals this semester. I've already done three, and I only have three left, and only two of those are actual tests. 
No, I'm gearing up to learn a really hard lesson that they can't teach you in a classroom.
I'm learning to let go.
I'm not talking about a relationship, though this lesson has infinite applications.
No, for me, it's my GPA.
I'm not bragging here; I'm stating a fact: these past two and a half years, I've earned a 4.0.
And I'm really scared I'm going to lose it.
I know a B and / or a 3.9 is nothing at all to sneeze at.
And I wouldn't be letting anyone down by getting a B.
Except me.
And that's what I'm struggling to let go of.
I don't want that to be my idol.
I don't want that to bug me.
I want to have peace about it.
And I can.
It's just a struggle.
But it's a good struggle to have.
I mean, at the end of my life, God won't be judging me on my grades.
He'll be judging me on how I lived for Him.
And that's worth so much more thought than a GPA that only matters for four years.