Tuesday, April 9

A Throwback

So last night my dad and I went to see Jurassic Park in 3D.
They did a pretty good job of it, I think.
But it was funny, because I'd forgotten just how 90's it was. 
The clothes, the hair, the giant huge loud clunky computers. 
Afterwards, we sat in the credits and tried to remember how old it was.
I thought it was a year or two older than me.
A year younger.
I've just really been having throwbacks lately.
You know what I found on Youtube the other day?
Entire episodes of Legends of the Hidden Temple.
I loved that show.
Loved it.
And you know what app I got not too long ago?
A Tamagotchi app.
Oh yes.
I had one of those.
I actually still have it, but as I recall, those things were pretty needy, so I don't really have time for one right now, given all the stuff I've got going on.
After the movie last night, my dad and I went to Cheeburger Cheeburger, and they were playing 50's music.
And it was then and there I decided that I want to listen to some songs of Chubby Checker.
That'll be Summer Project #3.