Monday, March 11

Technology Woes and Whoas

I've had my Blackberry for Lord only knows how long.
I had a flip phone before that, and I really wanted a full keyboard for texting, since I don't really talk much on it.
When our contracts ran up, my dad upgraded me to a Blackberry.
He'd had one of the old-school ones, with the wheel on the side and all. Very hard to play BrickBreaker with. (The newer ones are better for that in case you're wondering.)
It's not a touchscreen, but I didn't want one. Still kind of don't.
But I was afraid I'd have to get a new phone because mine started glitching and freezing and generally acting buggy and such.
A few days ago, I decided to change my alarm tone to the Ghostbusters Theme.
. . . Don't ask. ANYTHING is better than preloaded stuff. You know that.
I plugged it into my laptop, but it wasn't even showing on the hardware. It was charging, and that was it.
I figured it couldn't hurt to try downloading the Blackberry Manager, since it was kinda, y'know, made for that.
Turns out there was an update for the OS.
Like, a big time update.
Like, 5.0.3 to 6.0.7 or something.
Oh. My. Gosh.
It's like having a new phone, I swear.