Monday, February 4

Silence is Boring

Okay, I dunno about y'all . . . but I can't sleep with just silence. 
I can't. I've tried. And tried very hard.
People are like "Just don't think about anything".
I . . . I can't. 
Therein lies le problemo.
I went through a phase where I needed a CD of a thunderstorm.
Our CD player broke, so that ended up being a quiet . . . year or so.
Then when I bought my iPad, it was back on.
Plus, I had bought a beach sound, a river sound, and owls and crickets. 
Works great.
I love it.
It usually takes me about two hours to fall asleep on my own.
And that's on a good day.
When I have that stuff playing . . . it's about thirty minutes.
Am I the only one who has this issue?