Wednesday, February 6

Ramblings of a Fangirl: Opera Peeves

So, don't get me wrong, I am a huge Phan.
. . .
A fan of Phantom of the Opera.
A phan.
All of it. 
The book. The Broadway. The movies. The spin-off plays and musicals and books.
All of it.
NOT Love Never Dies. 
May the Hero Otto Webber rest in peace.
(Some of you understand what that means and I commend you.)
But there's something that really irks me about the play and the movie.
They used fake operas.
In a tale that takes place almost entirely in an opera house, there's not a single real opera in it.
There is in the book and in other versions: they perform Faust multiple times, which is actually far better suited to the Phantom than the fake ones, but that's a rabbit trail you don't want to see me go down.
But I checked on the operas, because Il Muto sounds hilarious. 
But alas, it does not exist.
The fact that they're all English should have tipped me off, but it didn't.
It irked me for a while, but then I forgot about it . . .
. . . till I saw the opera scene from Fifth Element.
Not sure I would suggest the movie, but for those of you who have missed this glorious scene, you can thank me later:
Is that not beautiful?
And here's where it gets even better - IT'S REAL.
It's from Lucia di Lammermoor, and this is the famous "mad scene".
You know, the "mad scene"?
Like THE "shower scene" . . . ?
No . . . ?
Anyway, this happens right after Lucy marries the guy she doesn't want, kinda snaps, and stabs him.
On their wedding night.
With all the guests downstairs.
Yeah . . .
But she's calling for her true love when she sings this.
Um . . . drenched in blood. . .
But here's what I don't get . . .
. . . a play about an opera ghost can't take the trouble to fit a real opera into the play somewhere, but a sci-fi movie that has nothing to do with operas does. . . ?