Saturday, February 4

Musical Experiment

No, I'm not composing anything.
You wouldn't want that.
Trust me . . .

No, I'm ditching Windows Media Player . . . I think.
I'm really sick of having bugs with it, and it generally failing at everything I want it to do, so I'm going to try 4 other alternatives - and iTunes is not among them because I'm sorry, but I do have an iPad, but I really hate the iTunes interface. To me it's completely counter-intuitive.

Anyhoo, I'm going to be testing WinAmp (which I have heard great things about), PotPlayer . . . um, yeah . . . Kantaris, and KMPlayer.

I shall test them and the best shall win!
. . .
Or at least the best shall be dealt with . . .

EDIT: Kantaris is out. (No library capabilities and no sound during movies . . . don't know why.)

EDIT to the EDIT: KMPlayer is out too, for the same (first) reason as Kantaris.

EDIT to the EDIT to the EDIT: PotPlayer is out of the running as well, for the same reason as KMPlayer. (Okay, come on people, how many of you were relieved to hear that I won't be using 'PotPlayer'???)

Results: So, the best one I've used is WinAmp. The library is incredibly well organized, and I'm able to edit the properties of the individual tracks.
Wuv. It.
That is all.