Tuesday, February 7

Random English-y Thought . . .

So, in Old and Middle English, "knight" was pronounced "ki-nig-it".
Yes, like in the Monty Python and the Holy Grail French Taunting Scene.
True story.
The pronunciation, not the . . . well, you know that . . . right?
Anyhoo, I was just letting my mind wander off because I get tired of holding onto that leash with white knuckles, and I wound up thinking about that new Batman movie coming out this year, "The Dark Knight Rises".
. . .
How awkward would that be if we still said it that way?!
I mean, we wouldn't really think twice about it, I suppose, if everyone said it like that.
But still, "ki-nig-it" and Bale's Batman voice (which sounds like he's gargling marbles, apparently) is . . . um . . . pretty stark contrast.
Just sayin'.
Although, it would be pretty awesome to hear the Joker say it that way.