Monday, December 12


So, my final final was at 8 AM.
I am not a morning person, so this did not thrill me.
My professor said we should all get "amped up", so I drove there listening to this:
We have two and a half hours allotted for our finals at USCB.
This was a Late Shakespeare final.
(Yes, I signed up and paid for that. I actually loved it.)
The final was half multiple choice, and half essay.
I finished the multiple choice in (less than or equal to) 30 minutes.
The other hour and a half was devoted to the essay.
2 pages.
Front and back.
I was the third to leave out of maybe 20 of us.
On the way home, I listened to this:
Got my course grade back today.
An "A".
Thank you Jesus and boo-yah!