Monday, October 21

Confessions: I have a terrible sense of fashion.

I know, I know.
A blogger with no fashion sense.
Sad, but true.
I mean, I can do makeup and stuff, but . . . well, no, because I can't really do hair . . .
I can do makeup.
But I'm more than a little lost when it comes to mixing and matching clothes.
Now my sister's really good at that.
And she has this beautiful, long hair that does whatever she wants it to.
Except that she tries to curl it and it's fine so it doesn't hold a curl, and I used to straighten mine, but it's thick, so it doesn't really hold a straight.
Basically, she's a brunette Rapunzel:
and I'm a blonde Merida.
Anhyoo, my sister's really good at clothes.
She looks cute in just about anything, and can pull off things I never could.
And she can pull off black eye liner.
That makes me just a wee bit jealous.
But I'll gladly admit that I've stolen more than a few ideas from my sister's outfits.
. . . Not at the same time she's wearing them, because that would be a little embarrassing for her, I think, but I have.
She brought the scarf fever to our house.
And the boot fever.
And a few other fevers that haven't quite caught on yet, but give it time.
They will.
But yeah, I'm just not very good at the whole fashion thing.
I could sell you on just about any cosmetic product ever made, but let's just say I'm sorta glad my sister's better at that than me.
Because it's better to get killer deals on cute clothes than mediocre deals on mine.