Monday, August 26

Walking in a Winterless Wonderland

And a fall-less wonderland, as well.
For those of you who live in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and the like, you understand what I'm saying.
For those of you who live in other parts of America or the world, let me explain.
We have very odd weather here.
It starts warming up in February.
No lie. 
It starts cooling off in October or November.
We basically have no winter.
I'm 21, and I've seen snow once in my life.
It was around Valentine's Day, and I was babysitting about 20-30 minutes away from my house. The kids' grandmother called and asked if we'd noticed the snow.
I got insanely excited -- 17 years old and it was snowing! Woo hoo!
I was really nervous about driving back into town, because I'd never seen snow, and now I had to drive in it? 
The kids' grandfather followed me into town, which was really nice, but then after running around in the snow like a three year old (which my dad described as "typical college kid behavior"), he wanted me to drive around with him.
I was really afraid of just going 'round town for fun, but it actually wasn't that bad, because no one else here knows how to drive in snow, so no one else was about.
Also, in my biology book, the author mentioned a compound - I think some sort of salty stuff - and called it a "deicer". Well, in my limited knowledge of ice and snow, I first assumed it was a fancy French word for something and pronounced "deh-eye-see-yer".
Um, no, it's "de-icer". A thing that melts ice.
This also explains why - when test driving a car - I looked in the dash thing-y (the word escapes me at the moment) and saw this really weird looking object.
It looked like a toothless comb.
I showed it to my dad like "What is this thing??"
He laughed and told me to guess.
Apparently it was an ice scraper.