Monday, May 13

Confessions: I can't sing

I've previously written a post about American Idol, where I poke fun at the fact that the gal I wanted to win didn't. 
And I think I mentioned something about how I'd love to be a judge there, if only to take Simon's spot. 
I overheard something on the radio this morning about the ridiculous amount of money Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey are being paid to be judges.
My response?
"I'll do it for $25 an hour!"
But really, I'd love to be a judge for a singing contest.
There's only one kinda huge drawback:
. . . I can't sing.
Now let me qualify that.
I have the ability to sing, but I can't sing well, can't carry a tune.
I sing in the car when I'm alone because I don't want to inflict my tone-deafness on other people.
I love them too much to do that to them.
However, Candice Glover -- WHO IS FROM BEAUFORT -- can sing!
So yes, vote for Candice Wednesday night!