Wednesday, February 29

Why I Hate American Idol

I hate, abhor, despise, etc, etc, etc American Idol.
Because of several reasons.
1: This one's a little personal. I gave up on AI quite a few years ago when the gal I voted for gleefully didn't win. And this was the final vote people. The final vote. Pfft. I felt like AI had done this to me:
That is not a good message to send to the voters. Nope.
2: We're running out of talent. And when I say "talent" I mean pure, internal, uncultivated talent. Now, notice that uncultivated has been underlined. Twice. I'm not an idiot. Talent needs teaching, needs to be drawn out. Especially if you're going to be on national (and international?) television. And Youtube. Definitely then. I'm no musical/vocal expert, and I admit that willingly, but I've been around longer than AI. And I've heard real talent, both there and in other places. And I've seen Phantom of the Opera. Everybody needs an Angel of Music. Except me. Because 1: I know I can't sing, and 2: I just want an Erik.
3: This sort of goes along with the whole talent thing. Some people need to admit -- or at least acknowledge -- what I had no problem doing: they CANNOT SING. I'm sorry people. But national TV is not where you want to learn that lesson. Especially where Simon Cowell is judge.
I totally agree with him on 99.99999999999999999990% of people. Our perception of talent has drastically diminished. Orlando Bloom has it right, but the majority of people don't get it:
People who have real talent are lumped into this group of people who have a following, or sell albums/movies, or lead the number of 'Tweeted about' things, or just attract paparazzi everywhere they go. Do not confuse "popularity" and "exposure" with "talent". Do not.
4: This kind of goes with the last one. Now that Simon's gone . . . Who's gonna be mean to firm with the people who should never be allowed to open their mouths again are not quite the best?
By the way, I'm like, addicted to gifs now. That was news to you, right?