Friday, May 17

It's Official: I'm a Bug Murderer

So, I've got a story for y'all.
But first, the back story.
So, I'm a really heavy sleeper.
I've slept through alarms going off, trees falling down in our yard, stuff like that.
However, it takes me a really long time to actually fall asleep.
If I listen to soundtracks of thunderstorms and rivers and stuff, that usually knocks me out, but I either need to be sick and exhausted or listening to something like that to fall asleep.
Last night, there was this bug - my first guess was a cricket - making a constant, high-pitched droning noise outside my window last night, and it was driving me crazy.
It sounded like it was right there, so I opened my door and slammed it shut really hard.
The noise stopped for a while but then started again.
So I slammed my window shut again, and it stopped and started again, so I figured it was right there.
I really didn't want to get up, but I did, and went out in the living room to see if my dad was still up. He wasn't, but my brother was. He asked what I was doing and I told him about the cricket. He just stared at me and said, "So your plan is . . . what?"
And I says, "To kill it."
So I got a broom and a flashlight, went outside, and sure enough, there it was, about two feet from my window.
I went ahead and killed it mercilessly and went back inside.
My dad was still awake and asked if I had been the one outside with the flashlight. I said yeah, and he asked what I was doing.
I told him, and he laughed at me.
Well, at least I was able to sleep.