Tuesday, February 12

Space Travel? Whatevs.

I feel like this generation is sort of jaded.
No, not in terms of morality - though I think that is true - that's not actually what I mean this time.
I think we've lost sight of what real ingenuity and creativity is.
Point en case: in a class yesterday, we were starting technical writing projects on drones. To get us thinking (it was 8 in the morning), our professor played some clips of robots used today. One of them was the landing of the NASA Discovery Mars rover.
And nobody really cared.
Fifty years ago, that would have been breathtaking and incredible. 
Now it's just . . . meh. 
I mean, we put men on the Moon and brought them back with computers less capable than our smartphones. 
Yes, that's terrifying to think about, but that means that the people involved with that had to know what to do. 
They had to do the math in their heads or with scratch paper. 
They had to be willing to put their lives on the line for that goal. (And think about how awful it would be to die in space if it failed. . .)
They were dreamers. 
But more than that, they were thinkers and doers.
Granted, technology has grown and evolved by leaps and bounds, and I'm not faulting that - I love technology. 
I'm not really sure I'm "faulting" anything.
I'm just lamenting the lack of wonder in our generation. 
I'm lamenting the fact that we don't look at the sea with wonder, remembering that we can go miles and miles down and see the creatures God made.
I'm lamenting the fact that most of us can barely see the stars anymore, and when we do, we don't remember that God knows each of them by name, and that we've put people on the Moon, and rovers on Mars.
I'm lamenting the fact that singers and songwriters with real talent aren't recognized for it, and the fame goes instead to somebody who will shock you rather than move you.
We need to recapture the innocence, the wonder, and the appreciation of simple things that we've lost. . .