Thursday, January 31

You Can't Fix Blonde

Sometimes we miss the obvious.
Like the pen right in front of us that we’ve been searching for for five whole minutes.
For me, it’s a case of being slightly blonde.
For others, it could be a case of being slightly blind.
Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world.
There are glasses, you know.

I know some people don’t want to buy glasses because they think they’ll look dorky or something, but – and I know this from experience – if you buy the right kind, they’ll suit your face really well. I even know some people who have two or three pairs of eyeglasses: one for every day, one for fancy occasions, and one for working or playing in (usually an old pair that they don’t mind if it gets chipped or completely broken).
Now, I could technically use them, but because my eyeglasses prescription is so small, it really doesn’t make too much sense to do that. It’s also changed in the opposite direction (one year positive and the next negative and so on), that it just wouldn’t be smart for me to get any, though I have thought about it because they have some brilliant coatings that block glare and everything. To me, it would almost be worth it just for that.
And speaking of brilliant. . .
MY problem can’t really be fixed with glasses – it’s a problem in the noggin.
But yours could, perhaps.

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