Monday, January 14


Last semester I signed up for six classes.
I dropped one at the last minute and only took five.
I lost "boss status".
This semester I signed up for seven (only 19 hours, though).
I dropped one a few days ago - I didn't want half my course grade coming from volunteer hours at events. And it wasn't what I thought it was, anyway.
I added another, but it was only one credit - that put me at 17.
Then, last night, I checked over everything to make sure it was all set. And what do I see? One of my classes I had really wanted had been cancelled!
That put me down to 14, but it's okay.
But still . . . I really wanted that class! 
Anyhoo, I figure I'll just keep the "textbook" (it's more like a style book).

And, for those of you going into college or in college, you'd be robbing yourselves if you didn't join Amazon Student
Just sayin'.