Friday, January 25

A Crazy, Well-Dressed Hitchhiker and Morning Classes

For my technical writing class we have to split into groups and study traffic circles. I'm not really sure why traffic circles, but that's what he said.
He wanted drive through videos, pictures of the signs and pictures of the markings on the road.
After class Wednesday, my group and I went to get the signs, but we didn't have time to get out and get pictures.
I said I'd get them Thursday. I ran out of time, so I decided to get up early on Friday and get them before class.
Yeah. Right.
Anyone who knows me knows that I can stay up literally all night if I want or need to.
But I am not a morning person.
Regrettably, once I'm up, I'm up, so you wake me at 3 AM . . . you had better have something really cool for me to do, or I'll hate dislike you intensely for the rest of the day.
Anyhoo, I set my alarm for 6:15 AM.
It went off, and I reset it for 6:45.
It went off again, and I reset it for 7.
Then I got up.
I didn't have time to get the pictures before class, so I went to get them after.
Being the ditz I am, I sort of got lost looking for it.
But then I found it.
So I got out and ended up standing in the middle of the (EMPTY) road snapping pictures with my iPad.
Needless to say, I got some pretty weird looks from the drivers, who must've wondered why some random girl was running around a traffic circle.
"She looks too clueless to be a contractor. . ."
And it was so cold.
So cold.
I couldn't feel my face!
Also, I've decided that I am never again taking 8 AM classes across the board. 
Not unless I have to.
Because then I will have grey hair by the time I graduate.

(No students or drivers were harmed during the events of this post. Everyone was just very cold.)