Monday, December 24

T'was the Day before Christmas . . .

. . . and all through the house,
only one person was stirring because she slept all afternoon and woke up at 11:30 PM and didn't go to sleep til 6 AM so now her internal clock's as confused as her.
Oh well, I did get my Christmas shopping done, and I did have the guts (or stupidity?) to venture going to Walmart on Christmas Eve. 
That . . . is not advisable.
Wouldn't do that unless you have to. 
I saw the strangest thing there, by the way. 
I know there's this quip about fruit cake - like how there's everything in it but fruit. I wouldn't know because I've never had it.
But I do know that nobody seems to like it, which has always made me wonder why the heck people make it.
But at Walmart, near the checkouts, they have a box of fruit cake. It really didn't look appetizing. At all. 
And here's the scary part: some had been bought . . .

Anyhoo, hope I didn't spoil your appetite!

Merry Christmas!