Saturday, December 22

The Day After the End of the World . . . and Walmart

So the world didn't explode, or melt, or swarm with Flood or zombies, or viruses, or have the animals go cray cray.
Hm. Fancy that.
Well, for those of us over the age of 13, we've survived the "End of the World" twice:
Y2K and 12/21/12
Yay us!
Our kids will never believe us . . .

On a similar note, what the heck is up with Walmart registers never being open when you need them?
I'm not dissing Wally World or anything, I'm just asking.
I mean, wouldn't that drive down your customer loyalty?
But come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen any retail store with all their registers open.
That should change.
I mean, really.
Who wants their customers to stand in line for 20 minutes holding a heavy box of firewood?
I wouldn't.
Let me drive this bus a while . . .