Saturday, November 10

Fool me once . . .

Okay Beaufort girlies, listen up: I don't know where you do your shoe shopping, and on some level I don't really care, but I've got to tell you about this one store (which is kind of ironic, because I don't plan on actually naming this store). 
There's this store in Beaufort that has really cute shoes. And at good prices, too.
No, it's not Wal-Mart.
However, something weird happened the last two times I was there, probably within the same two weeks.
Allow me to start at the beginning: I wanted some brown flats, so when I saw a cute pair, I got the box that said 9 down because I (usually) wear a 9.
I tried both the shoes on, and they both fit.
That would be a given, except for one small factoid: one was a 9, the other was an 8 1/2. 
And my feet are normal, by the way. 
I put the bottoms together, and they looked exactly the same to me.
I figured the 8 1/2 was a misprint and took the box to the register to check out. 
They wouldn't sell it to me because (logically) if I had two sizes, somebody else had two sizes, and if they returned one, they'd need the other.
I ended up leaving with 8 1/2's (which fit perfectly fine), and thought it was a freak occurrence. 
I went today for some black flats and wanted a 9. 
Once again, there was a 9 and an 8 1/2!
And once again, I ended up leaving with an 8 1/2!
So, for those of y'all in Beaufort . . . check your shoes before you buy them!
(Also because they might be two different - but similar - styles. That's happened to me before too. And yes, that was at Wal-Mart.)