Wednesday, August 22

How my Mother Saved my Life

Yes, this is a true story.

I will say first off that unused appliances scare me. And by "unused", I mean unused by me. And if you're still not sure what I'm talking about, check out this guest post I did not too long ago; it explains everything.
Allow me to set the stage: I've been house sitting for the past two or three weeks - a weekish at one house, two days between and now at another house. 
The first house had a lovely kitchen with a stove very much like the one I use at home.
Easy to cook on?

The second house has a lovely kitchen . . . with a gas stove . . .
Um. . .
Easy to cook on?

Which means I didn't have a clue how to use it.
I'd turn the knob, and it'd click repeatedly, and all I could think of was the house blowing up, so I'd turn it off in a hurry.
I actually ended up cooking a frozen meal in the microwave (which I never do) because I had no clue how to use the oven.
Now, how my lovely mother factors into this.
We were chatting on Facebook, and she asked what I was planning on having for dinner.
I said I didn't know.
Somehow, the stove situation came up, and she's like "Oh, those are easy".
She coached me step-by-step through how to use it.
And it worked.
God bless the mothers who make sure their "independent" children are able to cook for themselves.